New calls for twinning launched by DHEbando di twinning

FVG Region

A Call for twinnings has been launched in the framework of Digital Health Europe (DHE), an EU project whose members are different European networks, including the Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN). The DHE Call for Twinnings is open until August 7th .

Twinnings initiatives are aimed at promoting the scaling up adoption of digital solution in the field of Health, taking into account the three priorities set out by the European Commission:

  • citizens’ secure access to and sharing of health data across borders
  • better data to advance research, disease prevention and personalised health and care
  • digital tools for citizen empowerment and person-centred care

On the DHE’s Website there is a dedicated section for Twinning actions, with the aim of facilitating links between regions interested in promoting Scaling up Initiatives. In particular, the Andalusian Agency for Healthcare would be interested in twinning initiatives aimed at replicating in others EU Region the following technologies currently used in Andalusia

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