COST action on Ageism

Region FVG

COST is an initiative that receives funds from EU programmes focused on research and innovation, such as Horizon 2020. This initiative is implemented through the so-called "Cost Action". Through COST, research activities are not funded, but networking activities  between European and extra-European researchers are funded. These networking activities are focused on science and technology, and they are based on 4 years joint working programme which periodically publishes calls. Currently, there are 37 countries that have joined COST.

Recently, through COST, an action on ageism has been funded.

In late October 2018, in Brussels, at the Committee of the Regions, the final conference of the abovementioned Cost Action has been held. The main goal of the COST ACTION on ageism - which allowed the collaboration between 200 researchers belonging to 35 different countries - was to increase the awareness and the interest of this phenomenon into society in order to avoid the associated negative outcomes and promote actions to lower ageism through political and legislative initiatives. Another request formulated through the COST action was the promotion of a new United Nation Convention to fight ageism.


It's possible view online a series of videos that analyze ageism manifestations in different situations can be viewed, such as the legal/administrative, health, labor, environmental, IT and artificial intelligence sectors, the media sector that often promotes the image of an elder who does not correspond to reality.

The phenomenon of discrimination against the elderly was recently debated also in Trieste during the conference, held on 10 December, organized by the Solimai Cooperative Society which coordinates the activities of “Telefono Anziani Maltrattati” in collaboration with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

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