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European Projects in FVG

During 2017, the promotion of the Region to the participation in other European projects, connected to calls of European programmes about territorial cooperation and/or in direct management, establishing new international partnerships or strengthening existing partnerships set up in previous European projects and involving new regional actors, will be paramount.

In particular, the EU Programmes of interest are: Horizon 2020, the 3rd EU Programme on Public Health, Ambient Assisted Living Programme, EaSI( Employment and Social Innovation Programme ), Interreg Europe.

PROJECT DURATION: 5 years ( the project is divided in 2 phases, 36 months to determine policies and strategies and 24 months to apply for initiatives on regional scale )

OBJECTIVES: the ultimate goal is to contribute in improving and developing regional policies, and their financial tools, in innovation/health field. The project promotes the creation of regional ecosystems to support Active Ageing initiatives and services and to encourage the development of innovative solutions in health care, making way more effective their implementation.

ACTIVITIES: project activities are based on a state-of-the-art evaluation of the regional systems involved in smart health sector, experience exchange among the partners through interregional learning events and development of knowledge transfer and good practices sharing methods. In the second part of the project, every region involved will use the results to support and develop projects and initiatives at a local scale.

Progetti conclusi

PROJECT DURATION: three years - from 2013 to 2016

OBJECTIVES: Main objective consisted in developing integrated services for home aged care through technology and IT solutions.In FVG Region, the project involved Health Districts, Home Social Services, all types of health professionals, with elderly people’s relatives and family carers.

Project leader was FVG Region through ASUITS ( Integrated University Local Health Authority of Trieste) which led a consortium composed of 24 European regions.

ACTIVITIES: The project developed and implemented an integrated service to telemonitor people staying at home, addressed especially to older people ( over 65 years old ) affected by chronic diseases with complex care need.The sample selected from the people monitored in the project was involved in an innovative home service, through the support of technological devices at home and the access to home care services and other social and health care services through the portal purposely designed.

PROJECT DURATION: two years - from 2012 to 2014

OBJECTIVES:the partners committed to define regional strategies to promote the adoption of solutions for assisted living ambient on large scale.

ACTIVITIES: arrange a series of study visits on issues connected to the use of technological and IT devices for older people’s assisted living.During the study visit in Friuli Venezia Giulia region ( inPordenone ) examples of activities for independent living and home telemonitoring were presented to the project partners: phone assistance service, solutions for house technological adjustment to assure access and safety to dependent people, and formal and informal care integration models comparison ( models fostering older and/or disabled people staying at home ).