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In a prevention perspective, the Region intervenes to limit the elderly hospitalisation or entering residential facilities. The law which promotes Active Ageing supports operational protocols among associations and specific information and awareness campaigns.

Local Health Authorities, in collaboration with the Third Sector and associations, are engaged in projects designed to modify life style in order to live longer and healthy, in particular promoting a proper and healthy diet involving also collective catering, fall prevention and physical activity promotion.

The FVG Region apply Health monitoring systems and epidemiological studies to increase  the understanding on the health and well-beeing on people through detection system on habits, lifestyles and risk factors by questionnaires and direct measurements made by health workers at regional level.

P.A.S.S.I. D’ARGENTO is directed to population over 64  and collects information on aspcts like as social, health,  quality of life perceived and habits of the elderly population of the Trieste province.

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Programmes for spreading healthy lifestyles. Physical activity. The Region enhances the synergy with the associations present on the territory and with the local authorities, to support and encourage projects for the promotion of physical activity, also with a view to active and healthy aging. This activity is included in the framework of a collaboration agreement between the Region, Federsanità ANCI and associations aimed primarily at elderly age groups (AUSER, ANTEAS, and others).

The Program for the promotion of physical activity included in the Regional Prevention Plan includes the awareness of doctors on the problem of obesity and sedentariness and on the importance that the professional advises and motivates his elderly to do physical activity. A document disseminated to health workers "Physical exercise in all ages for wellbeing and health" has been developed. A campaign to promote physical activity has been launched, through the circulation of an information leaflet entitled "The pills of the movement"

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Nutrition and health: promotion of healthy, safe and sustainable nutrition. The Region support the development of understandings and agreements with non-health entities, such as the food business sector.

PromoTurismo FVG  grants facilities on the regional ski pass rates applied to people over 65 years, providing free ski pass for people over 75 and persons with disabilities.

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The Region promotes activities, projects and socialization initiatives carried out at local level, as a form of contrast to the solitude of elderly, providing the possibility of meeting and exchange with young people.


La Regione ha previsto nella programmazione annuale del servizio sanitario e sociosanitario una serie di interventi nei campi dell'assistenza primaria, delle attività clinico assistenziali, del rapporto con i cittadini con riferimento anche ad attività specifiche per l'invecchiamento attivo.

In particolare, la Regione assicura in maniera omogenea su tutto il territorio la prevenzione ed il trattamento delle patologie odontoiatriche. Il programma di odontoiatria sociale prevede anche il trattamento e l'inserzione di protesi rimovibili ai pazienti ultrasessantacinquenni.

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