ADVANTAGE, the first European common action addressed to prevent elderly Frailty

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ADVANTAGE is the first European common action addressed to prevent elderly Frailty.
This action involves 22 Member States and over 33 entities. It is co-financed by European Union. The instrument of Joint Action is adopted for those social challenges that can be addressed efficiently only if carried out jointly by many Member States.
The term “Frailty” refers to a condition of major vulnerability experienced by elderly people. However, since frailty does not represent an inevitable consequence of ageing, it is possible to prevent it, in order to promote a healthy and long life. The Joint Action ADVANTAGE focuses on the development of a common understanding of “frailty”, that will be shared by all the Member States.
This common approach to frailty will bring to the development of better strategies for diagnosis, care, education to frailty, disability and alla multimorbidity. The results of the joint action will contribute to the prevenction of the growing load of chronic diseases and to a more efficient answer to the elderly care needs (a central priority for EU and its Member States).
During the Forum held in December 2018 in Madrid, the document “A Frailty Prevention Approach” was illustrated. It is available online in the insights.
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