CORAL riunione a Bruxelles del mese di settembre

Regione FVG

The 11th September it was hold in Brussels the meeting of the EU network CORAL "Regional Policies for Active and Healthy Aging", where Brussels Liaison Office took part on behalf of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region.

The activity of the French cluster "ID2SANTE" - Innovation and Development for the Health Sector in Brittany - has been illustrated. It promotes innovation in the health sector, with particular attention to the "Handicap Innovation Territories" (HIT) project initiative.

Each year, ID2Santé backs up around 40 projects with academic researchers, supports around 60 projects initiated by companies and gives 150 consultations to companies. It also organizes many events and works with regional stakeholders to build up the health sector.

"HIT" is a project supported by regional funds, involving all the regional actors engaged to the integrated assistance towards people with disabilities. This project could represent a pilot case able to participate to calls under the programme Horizon 2020, such as "Large Scale Pilots of Personalized and Outcome Based Integrated Care", a call expiring the 24th April 2019.

Part of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of "Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments" (SHAFE), a thematic network coordinated by Caritas Coimbra and AFEdemy. In this project partners intervene on a voluntary basis. In the course of 2018 - by the end of October - a "Framing Paper" is going to be elaborated on suitable environments for elderly people, which will then be presented to the  European Commission in November.

SHAFE works in synergy with the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP-AHA), and in partnership with Smart Cities as well as with the Reference Sites Collaborative Network, the Pact on demographic change, Eurocities, the University of Utrecht, the European Center Social Welfare Policy, with the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) and ECHAlliance. It should be noted that among the associated partners of SHAFE, there is the Rittmeyer Institute.

Itwas followed by the presentation of ProMIS, by the Brussels representative, Francesca Gastaldon, who illustrated the main activities of the International Health Mattone Program and the initiatives promoted at European and national level in the areas of healthy and active aging, e-health, health tourism activities promotedbyProMISworking group focused on this field. She  also discussed the organization of future events, among which the one scheduled for the 4th December in Genoa, entitled “Health Professional Soft Skills” with the intention to promote a more effective communication with the patient.

With reference to future CORAL initiatives, it has been highlighted that the dialogue with the networks that are part of the so-called "Coalition of Willing" will continue, specifically with ECH Alliance, EUREGHAand RSCN in order to evaluate / propose initiatives to be jointly promoted.

In the end, an overview on future events which can interest the network was displayed, in particular of those related to the "Silver Week", hold in Bilbao from 22ndto 28thSeptember, during which a series of conferences focused on the theme of active aging and demographic change together with the annualAmbientl Assisted Living Forum.

It was also mentioned the WHINN WEEK: an event dedicated to research and innovation in the health sector, which is held annually in Denmark, this year programmed from 9thto 11th October.

Currently many CORAL members are part of the consortium of ITHACA (Innovation in Health and Care for All), a project funded under the program Interreg Europe, which also Friuli Venezia Giulia joined through the Central Directorate for Labor, Education, and Family.

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