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Culture and Tourism


Through the Tourist Board PromoTurismoFVG, all regional culture, nature, wine and food excellence is valued by the Region, also by means of initiatives suitable to Italian or foreign elderly tourists’ requirements.

The project “a Region for All” aims to make accessible and enjoyable tourist places and experiences in Friuli Venezia Giulia. InfoPoints( tourist offices spread all over the Region ) staff, tourist and environmental guides, and tour managers were trained in order to better welcome elderly people.

The activities schedule for 2018 concern the creation of training and updating for hotel accommodation operators and the regional tourism offer to sensibilize operators to elderly tourism (focused on seniors and / or carriers of pathologies and / or disabilities). 
The training will be carried out by Promoturismo FVG and by the Local Health Authority n. 2 "Bassa Friulana-Isontina".

Training and updating for health personnel working in the summer tourist health services in Lignano and Grado were also concluded in 2018.

Cammino Celeste (HeavenlyPath):

Friuli Venezia Giulia region is marked by ancient pilgrimage routes and historical walks which are of increasing interest to international tourists, who enjoy a beautiful hike not only for religious purposes, but also for environmental or cultural reasons. Cammino Celeste, a historical route used for centuries, is publicly rediscovered in 2008 and meant to be a pilgrimage route for the Italian, Slavic and German people.

The name “Cammino Celeste” (Heavenly Path) alludes to the network created by the route among places so diverse but with in common the ancient Marian devotion.

The Italian stretch of Cammino Celeste winds its way in ten stages. The starting point is placed in Aquileia, then it passes through Cormòns, Castelmonte, Cividale del Friuli, Gran Monte, Resia and Dogna valleys, all the way to the Sanctuary of Mount Lussari. Some paths are accessible for everyone, that means also for people over 65 years old who enjoy walking.


Guidedtours on itinerariessuitable to people over 65:

In our Region, PromoturismoFVG promotes many activities and itineraries, among which many are suitable to people over 65 years old who are very fond of outdoor life, want to walk around and visit places of interest with a tourist guide through visits tailored to meet their requirements: since older people generally have moving difficulties and suffer easily from fatigue, the visits will be limited to short periods of time and not too long itineraries. A list of all available guided tours is updated and published on this website, since they change seasonally.



News / Eventi in evidenza


Bilbao,  from 22 September 2018  to 28 September 2018
Region FVG

The week before the International Day of Older Persons, at the end of September from 22nd to 28th September , the Bay of Biscay will wash the key reflections of ageing industry, experts, institutions devoted to it and older persons, themselves.

Bizkaia Silver Week gathers in Bilbao-Bizkaia, the heart of the Bay of Biscay, major events on Silver Economy, Active & Healthy Ageing and Demographic Change, to establish a real dialogue on the future of ageing societies in Europe, so that we make ageing just one contextual element of new inclusive prosperity.


  • from 22nd to 23rd September -  “Hack4Elder advantAGE”, hackathon and brainstorming event, focused on developing technological and/or non-technological solutions, services, new economic models and/or new pathways to help the elderly release their full potential;
  • from 24th to 26th September: AAL FORUM “AGEING WELL IN THE DIGITAL AGE: A growing community of change makers”, is the motto for a major event that brings together every year more than 600 international congress participants, who will be able to find out the latest AAL products and services from exhibitors, 26 workshops and various keynote speakers;
  • 26th September: General Assembly of the European Covenant on Demographic Change.”, The Covenant gathers local, regional and national authorities, and other stakeholders, that commit to cooperate and implement evidence-based solutions to support active and healthy ageing as a comprehensive
    answer to Europe’s demographic challenge
  • 27th to 28th September: Second International Seminar on the Active Ageing Index, the Second International Seminar on the Active Ageing Index (AAI) will bring together researchers, civil society representatives, policymakers and other stakeholders, turning to be a multidisciplinary forum for those interested in the use of AAI to enhance the knowledge about ageing and older people and lead to the development of better policies.

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