Senior E-Games- Promoting Social Inclusion and Active Ageing through a European Festival of Modified Games and Sports Activities for Seniors is an innovative “senior centered” project focusing on the social dimension of sport and health.  SENIOR E-GAMES has been selected out of 509 eligible applications, within the European ERASMUS PLUS Sport Program. The partners will collaborate to share ideas and best practice in organizing and promoting greater participation of older people in sport and physical activity through swimming and modified games and sport.

Each partner has expertise and strengths in different areas and each country has different structures and supports.  Together the partnership aims to take examples of best practice from own experience, share and teach it to each other, and demonstrate this learning with a final  SENIOR – E GAMES Sports Festival to be held in Ireland,  Italy and  Belgium at the same time.

Everyone taking part will be exposed to the culture of the other countries without leaving their own and the experts will learn new health promotion and behavioral change approaches to sports participation which will inform the further development of their own programs, the further dissemination of the concept and increased capacity to engage with similar organizations in other European countries.


Project duration

01st January 2019 - 30th June 2020

Project partners

Lunga Vita Attiva (Italy), Age & Opportunity (Ireland) and OKRA Sport (Belgium)

The project activities to whom are addressed?

SENIOR over 60

Project web site

The project receive economical support?

Yes, UE,